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What I did Monday

What I did Monday, Nov 15

This is awkward to talk about the end of the trip, first. but here we go...

I spent the majority of Monday finishing the last leg of my drive home. Even though it was early in the afternoon, I found myself in a lot of traffic through Ft. Worth. I am acquainted with the roads, but navigating to the correct lanes challenged me. Finally I sighed with relief as I made the turn to the final stretch of highway, a road I know well. Before the relief wave flowed to my toes, I felt my back straighten and my voice said, “Oh, no I’m home.” And that other voice said, “That’s right, you’re home. It’s easy to make promises when you are a way from old familiar patterns and people. Are you going to keep the commitments you made?” Even though I travelled almost 2,000 miles in the last eight days, the hardest part of the trip starts now. The old rubber hits the road scenario. The commitments I made cover the spectrum from writing everyday, to change attitudes, greater surrender of my will, overcoming my fears...We will all see what I do,

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