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Book Review - Deadly Encounter

Deadly Encounter Covered

 Book Title           Deadly Encounter

 Book Author       DiAnn Mills

 Publisher            Tyndale House

 Pub. Year            2016

 Pages                   384

 Genre                  Christian Fiction 

 My Rating          5 Stars 

 Ease of Read     Very good read

                       ISBN                  9781496410979


I was attracted to this book because...

   I am a fan of DiAnn Mills’ suspense thrillers. The Houston FBI series has been intense and intriguing with strong characters who experience the story. I was eager to read her next story.


This book was about

   The protagonist is strong, stable, singlewoman who is veterinarian who has befriended a twelve year abused neighbor. She is in the process of attempting to foster/adopt him. During her regular Saturday morning ride around the Houston airport a a airport ranger she discovers a dead body, an injured yellow lab and a military strength drone. Her life was never same after this discovery. The strong willed, single agent that is assigned to her case is a tenacious match for they are both have a strong Cajun background which drives both the solve the crimes and the tugs on their hearts.

Things I liked about this book

   I learned more about the Cajun co

mmunity and the type ofpeople it produces. I really enjoyed learning about the Houston airport rangers and their work to help secure the airport. The characters drew you into the action which was non-stop and intense. The identity of the real villain was not clear until the end. The last half of the book was impossible to put down because you cared about what was happening to the c

haracters and resolving the crime. 


 Why you should read this book

   This is a great story watch how flawed people work out their difficult life circumstances through faith in God and how their examples influences other characters. Maybe you are experiencing perplexing challenges in your life, you can find hope on the pages of Deadly Encounter. 


This book lived up to the back cover copy

  The back cover is an exact reflection of the characters and the intensity of the story.


 I was provided copy of the book by the author and my friend.  


DiAnn Mills author







 DiAnn Mills 

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