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Book Review - The Weight of Glory

The Weight of Glory cover

 Book Title         The Weight of Glory

 Book Author       C. S. Lewis 

 Publisher            Harper One 

 Pub. Year           1949, revised 1980

 Pages                 192

 Genre                 Christian Non-Fiction

 My Rating          5 Star

 Ease of Read      requires concentration

                       ISBN                  978-0-065320-0


I was attracted to this book because...

 In the last few years I have been very interested in the works of C. S. Lewis. Last fall, this book was reference several times during a C. S. Lewis conference.  

This book was about.

   This is a collection of 8 of C. S. Lewis’s addresses presented as sermons or lectures.  Each of these talks takes issues of the day and applies Christian theology to them in a way that is encouraging and challenging rather than restrictive and damming. 

Things I liked about this book

  As I read Lewis’ words and concepts, I was constantly reminded I already knew those truths from scripture, bu

t had not always applied them to my life. Many of these sermons were written during war time, I 

was also reminded that generations past have struggle with fear of war and human fighting.

Why you should read this book

 Lewis’ words will challenge, inspire ad encourage you to understand Christ and Christian living. Even if you don’t have a Christian perspective, these sermons will give you a new perspective of your Christian friends. 

This book lived up to the back cover copy

  One of my favorite quotes from the back cover says it all: “Considered by many to be his mos

t moving address, The Weight of Glory extols a compassionate vision of Christianity and includes lucid and compelling discussions on forgiveness and faith.” I am a changed person because of this book.


Photo of C. S. Lewis


                  C.S. Lewis

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