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Book Review - THE CHOSEN

Book Title    The Chosen    

Book Author      Jerry Jenkins     

Pub. Year     2021    

Genre               Biblical Fiction    

My Rating         4 stars  

Ease of Read    very compelling read      

ISBN   978-1-64607-020-6  

I was attracted to this book because…I always enjoy Jerry Jenkins’ storytelling and especially his stories which bring familiar Biblical characters to life as real human people.

This book was about…Jesus, through the eyes of his disciples before and through the days he called them to follow him. Through the novelization, Jenkins provides with insight of how these men spent their days and nights in their professional lives. And the potential circumstances of how they needed a savior when they met Jesus. The details are fascinating and so realistic. 

Things I liked about this book.. I enjoy having my perspective enlarged into the life and times of Jesus and those who surrounded them. 

Why you should read this book…To expand your awareness of Jesus and the community which surrounded him from being flannel board characters to men and women in flesh who were walking through their life experiences with regrets looking for a savior. 

This book lived up to the back cover copy… The reviews on my back cover expressed genuine insights into the book.   

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