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Seeking Sage Newsletter Vol 46 July 5 2021

4th July 2007 Duncanville, Texas


Fireworks for me are a combinations of confusing allures.

There was a time before city fireworks celebrations, where the only fireworks you experienced were out on the street or in the backyard. I grew up under the influence of a fireman uncle who was extremely serious about fireworks, let alone in the hands. He oversaw the purchase of the right fireworks and carefully monitored the conditions. And we spent many 4ths at another where there was a second near relative fireman. They would spend all day monitoring the dry grass and wind. And many years the fireworks were a no-go.

Each firework is such of brief hint of beauty. 

I visited a botanical gardens in Victoria, BC. In the evening, there was a fireworks show over a reflecting pond. The crowd was small and it was a cool June evening. We sat on the grass around the reflecting pool. It felt like we were sitting directly under the fireworks. They were breathtaking in the sky and in the reflecting pool. It was hard to know where to look. 

No firework show has touched that one.

What are your favorite fireworks memories?


(Photo from a Duncanvile city Firework show in 2007)

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Be safe. 

Lyndie Blevins

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